Wednesday, November 11, 2009

De-cluttering my life...

Hey guys... I've been occupying myself de-cluttering my life at the moment, and the result is some of my stuff for sale on Ebay! My username is imogenimage (lame right? I know. Nothing else was available..) if you'd like to search me. Stuff for sale at the moment...
- Doc Martens Darcie Boots (some of you may have seen the same ones on Zanita at her blog)
- Denim jacket
- Sportsgirl tunic dress
- Vintage Ninewest lace up ankle boots
- Fringed suede ankle boots (they are the cutest!).

And now I continue... exam study, new job starting in a week, spring cleaning and trying to put together some resemblance of a good wardrobe, new cookbooks arriving tomorrow (yay!)... so much to do. Be back soon....xx

Sunday, October 25, 2009


My reading list has piled up to >>1000 posts! So much to catch up on, so little time...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

this is major

A major apology!! Sorry I have been absent for almost two weeks now.. Final year project is eating me up. I handed in my draft today...then two more weeks and the final is due, then exams after that. So I may be absent for a little while longer. But when I get back, I have some great posts planned, so this is my little message to readers/followers (up to 17 now! thanks guys!)... stay tuned for...
- my halloween DIY
- a few photos of my bikini collection
- deets on a trip involving a certian country-pop singer...(mysterious lol)
- summer look-book
- the Richards sisters feature
- party pictures
- Gossip Girl
- more editorials!
- leigh lezark, riley keogh, tallulah lewis, camilla belle, demi lovato, willa holland, natalie portman, georgia may jagger and much much more!

I know I'm promising a lot, but I hope I keep you guys interested..
P.S. Thanks to Marco, Natalie, The Beautiful and Glamorous, Nancy, Lillee, Isabella, Daisy Kate, knalleffekt, Andee Layne, fashionblogger, Anna and Sher who've all left me comments which I have been so rude not to return :( sorry and thanks, I hope you guys stick with me, I will be back..

Monday, October 12, 2009

a terrace house

I took this photo in Fremantle, WA. The walls reminded me of meringue, and its a bit run down, but with that panelled exterior and huge frangipani tree, I'd love to live there.