Wednesday, November 11, 2009

De-cluttering my life...

Hey guys... I've been occupying myself de-cluttering my life at the moment, and the result is some of my stuff for sale on Ebay! My username is imogenimage (lame right? I know. Nothing else was available..) if you'd like to search me. Stuff for sale at the moment...
- Doc Martens Darcie Boots (some of you may have seen the same ones on Zanita at her blog)
- Denim jacket
- Sportsgirl tunic dress
- Vintage Ninewest lace up ankle boots
- Fringed suede ankle boots (they are the cutest!).

And now I continue... exam study, new job starting in a week, spring cleaning and trying to put together some resemblance of a good wardrobe, new cookbooks arriving tomorrow (yay!)... so much to do. Be back soon....xx


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