Friday, August 7, 2009

Emma Roberts

One of my favourite celebrities at the moment is Emma Roberts, I love her movies for some lighthearted entertainment. And I love her style. I think she brings her own originality to simple things, which is the way I see my own style. Some of these pictures made me go out and buy things (like dark jeans and knee high boots). Her Raybans look great on her, I wish I could pull them off that well. My favourite is the ripped jeans and white singlet look. Not sure if you can tell, but she's wearing a headband, which I love. She looks polished in most of her photos too, which is refreshing because I'm kind of over the scruffy (MK, Nicole Ritchie, hippy 'boho') look.

My current haircut was inspired by her wildchild makeover..simple but effective, for me.
Soundtrack of my day today: Birds of Tokyo - White Witch

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