Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Latest purchases...

Molton Brown hair curlers.. The most amazing hair product I ever had. I had some that were my mum's, but they were 25 years old and unfortunately they finally all snapped and won't twist properly anymore.. So I ordered two more packs from the Molton Brown website! And I got two free gifts with them. No need to curl with a straightener or heat, no damaged hair, just really nice waves. My hair in my profile picture is done by those.

Plus, I love bargain shopping, and I recently bought a pair of nude strappy heels from Novo for only $20. Due to lack of a good camera in the house I can't post a photo, but they are a welcome addition to my usually black wardrobe. Apparently nude shoes make your legs look longer (which I certainly need!).
I also really want red shoes for some reason..

Neon shoes, also from Novo

Probably because of Kristen Stewart in this photo,

Soundtrack of my day today is: Taylor Swift- I'm only me when I'm with you


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