Monday, August 31, 2009

Not necessarily fashion related inspiration on a Monday...

I want my house like this (doesn't everyone??).. White washed and wooden, high ceilings, probably with more minimalist decoration than this. But I'm a hoarder of stuff so I dont know how I'll ever manage minimalist. Obviously a huge closet is essential.
P.S. Sorry for short absence (1 week), I'm extrmely busy (wrong time to start a blog) and I found I was being far too heavily influenced by the other blogs I read, not such a bad thing, but I needed a break to find my own opinion again and now I've got a balance :-) more actual fashion related posts to come..


  1. its important to get things straight and make sure youre not saying other peoples opinions in place of youre own.and dont worry about doing posts that arent fashion related, i write a music blog and im usually going on about music but i also talk about films, hanbags, hair, nails and whatever else is on my mind! just write honestly about what you are feeling passionately about at themoment and people will read your blog for that. have a great day x

  2. what a beautiful space. i wish i could transform my apt to this...

  3. Wow that is a gorgeous room.
    Love the chandelier and that amazing oak flooring!
    Beth xx


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