Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Should I, shouldnt I.

I saw this on 'A Perfect Guide' today...

I looove it, but I wear waay too much black already. I have 4-5 LBDs (I can't even remember lol). And I already really want this one up for sale on Ebay...

Which one would you buy?



  1. second photo.
    the dress is nicer and its so pretty.
    and a girl can never have too many lbd's! (:
    gorgeous blog would you like to swap links?


  2. I bought a dress similar to the first one from ASOS and I looooove it, go for it :) I really like your blog and I'm now a follower :) If you get a moment please tell me what you think of mine, I'd love to know how to improve it. Thank you so much, www.dazedyoungmess.blogspot.com


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