Sunday, August 16, 2009

sun shower

I had a conversation with my boyfriend (pictured below :D ) last night about appriciating the little things in life. He went away for the weekend (to climb a mountain with his dad :S )and he said he missed the little things we always do together on the weekend. This got me thinking and I want to list three things that really made my day today, in the smallest way.

1. My dog, she's a labrador. Her simple company is invaluable and sometimes she's my favourite person in the world.
2. Rain on my face while I'm out walking the dog. Running down almost like tears and getting clumped in my mascara. Also the smell of rain in the trees, adds to the experience.
3. Getting up early and eating Weet-Bix in the dark. I had work (on a Sunday :S) and I love weet-bix.
Funny that none of my little things include him. But he has been away, so maybe next week.

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