Thursday, August 13, 2009

TCA '09

Hmmm is all I can say. I was pretty impressed with the last few years of Teen Choice but this year was a little uninspiring except one.

I love Kristen Stewart and its such a pity she had to cut off her hair. I'm sure she's aware she looks odd so I'll keep that sort of comment to a minimum. Its the shirt under the dress thing I don't like. The skirt is interesting but must be very heavy. The overall look is slighly more creative than others but see below ---> what happened to that? I'm sure she could have looked better.

Classic Robert Pattinson. He really loves those checked shirts. Im not into it, but he is a natural in those wayfarers.

The theme of the night for Miley Cyrus was 'teenage slurry' I'm sorry to say. I worry she will go the same way as Britney. Why choose the teen choice awards to dress in a sparkled mini skirt and dance on a pole? TEEN choice, for TEENS and probably TWEENs aswell. I forgive her because I'm a disney kind of girl but really, why? and she's overaccessorised, she always does.

Emma Roberts brings the only touch of class to the awards. I want the dress, the shoes, her hair, make up. All of it is just plain classy. Apparently statement necklaces are in, I'm not sure if that is part of the dress or not. I wish I had this outfit, it is perfect.

What is it with checked shirts?

I like this, its sweet, that seems to be Ashley Greenes style. Short and sweet. Needs better shoes though.
All pictures from Just Jared.

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