Saturday, September 5, 2009

An intriguing question..

To anyone else who has a blog, do your friends/family/aquaintances know about it?
I discovered this inclination to secrecy on The Stylish Wanderer yesterday, her blog is huge but only one of her friends know about it and none have the URL. Why? Obviously a lot of bloggers do share, because their friends or family help them take photos. But I'm a secretive one, and I have an assortment of psychological reasons why I think this is so, which I wont bore you with.

Anyone else keep their fashion/beauty/music vice which takes up a lot of time a secret?

If I told

a) My mum- she'd say my subject matter is superficial and why am I obsessed with fashion models and clothes?

b) My sister, the only one who I'd be close to telling - she'd contribute, and probably help me take better photos. She'd love the subject matter.

c) My other half- He'd say my subject matter is superficial and why do I need to share my obsessions with people I don't know and contribute to the masses of useless self absorbed STUFF on the internet. I'm sure I could convince him though. He says I need a hobby besides sports and studying, and this is it. It also calms my shopping cravings and reduces the amount of time I spend sharing my fashion opinions with him.

d) My brother - he'd wonder why I am doing this because HE is obviously more fashionable and sexy than me and HE should be the subject matter of such a blog.

You see my dilemma. Only one of my friends even care about fashion, and I dont see her that often.

Anyway, enough rambling, time for a photo!

The Stylish Wanderer making back-packs look sexy..

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