Thursday, October 8, 2009


Ok so I have to go to a halloween party with my bf's family right. Its not til october 30th but I love dress up parties so I've started thinking about it already.. I'm thinking an evil fairy. I always used to go as a bat when I was younger (why? I have no idea!). I thought it might be a cool occasion for some Kaya makeup (see this, the sparkly one), but then I realised, what impression will I be making with crazy makeup on my bf's family?

So I came up with....toned down version of that makeup, black tights (depending on the weather) and my little booties(below) and a wand made from white card covered with black lace (my DIY). I like Emma Roberts' dress below, I'm thinking a similar shape. And with my hair like hers too, or in braids, I can't decide.

I think maybe a little DIY on the neckline of this dress with some beading will make a fab outfit ;]

P.S. I loathe that photo of me (3 years ago!). eww, my stance is so odd..


  1. I say you do the DIY and be sure to post it!

  2. Oooh, I love Emma Roberts's style, she always looks so classic and pretty. Great blog, BTW :)


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