Thursday, September 24, 2009

oh wow

FireCrackerWoman gave me this "I think you're an awesome girl award"! I think she's awesome too, and I'm so excited to tag 11 other bloggers I love to read every day, cz thats what its all about.
1. DaisyKate from Leather, Lace and Studs - (I know she already got one but I have to tag her again!)
2. True North Style - girl with fabulous taste in celebrity inspiration, and heaps of super outfits
3. Amore Fashion - another blogger from UK, perfect :]
4. Beneath the Crystal Stars - Sher has super sweet photos
5. Bi-Style - a bit bohemian with lots of outfit inspiration
6. Fashion Train -the best inspirational collages around :]
7. Fringes and Bicycles - creative title and even more creative posts
8. Important Enough to Mention - fashion and honest thoughts, a great combination
9. Ragdoll - chic chic chic chic thats all
10. Natalie off Duty - so many outfits, and a gorgeous model in them
11. Soaked in Sequins - for amazing summer style

It was unbeleivably hard to choose only 10 from my reading list of over 50!! arrr... so I added one more for luck :D
Ok now down to business, 10 things about myself :]
1. I am a scientist (I know right :S but I love it, we're scientists and we're sexy :D )
2. I'm always on a diet.
3. I have never spent more than 150 dollars on a single item of fashion.
4. I have the mental age of a 13 year old. I love Disney, Demi, Selena, Jonas, Miley... etc etc.
5. I have been dating the same guy since I was 16, and I don't care what people say about "how do you know what love is..why dont you date more...etc etc etc" I know what I want, and we'll be together forever :]
6. I do what I want. I can take advice, but I have a healthy disregard for what people may think of me.
7. My favourite holiday activity is cycling to my local video store one an old bike with my sister (bffl), wearing novelty heart shaped sunglasses and converse, playing music on a mini-radio as we go. We usually hire old Olsen movies :D
8. I play netball. My position is centre because I love to run around. I like to excersise a lot, swimming, jogging, tennis, I'll try anything once.
9. I like to be the best at everything, and if I'm not good at it, I just dont do it. This is a problem because I cant sing or dance, so I don't, even when I want to.
10. And the biggest one of them all.... I have more than 20 bikini's. Its my obsession, I collect them. Now you know the inspiration behind the name of my blog.


  1. thankyou for the gorgeous award!
    have a lovely week :) xoxo

  2. thanks for the award!
    and congrats on getting it ;)
    lol and i definitely have a soft spot for the deisney crew as well, especially selena!
    love your list!

  3. thanks for the shout out lovely.
    you're too sweet.
    i'm glad you like the blog.

    i also have a mentality of a teen.
    twilight, miley and taylor tunes, gossip girl obsession.
    slightly embarrassing.

  4. that's a nice idea..
    and ur Nr.2 is so ''me'' .haha
    xo xo .i love ur blog!!

  5. Thanks for the award:) I enjoy reading your blog as well!

    Have a nice weekend!♥

  6. Aww, thank you for choosing mine from over 50 lol!
    Congrats for the award because you definitely deserves it:)

  7. thanks soo much! lucky with the bikinis haha. XX


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