Wednesday, September 23, 2009

guess where I'm gooooiiinnnggg......

Singapore! :) I've been once before, I hear Orchard road is beautiful and full of great shops. Anyone got any advice/suggestions/recomendations? I'm going in January next year, 5th. So excited!!!!

But before I even get to shopping like a crazy person in Singapore, I'm going here....

Merlin Beach Resort, Patong Beach Phuket, Normally I would go for a cheaper option but it's my boyfriend's first time overseas and he wants to make it the best experience. Staying 6 nights at this place, hopefully I get to experience lots of this part of Thailand.. food, culture, shops, beaches, snorkelling, elephants and rainforest! so much to look forward to!!



  1. Oh how wonderful! Orchard Rd is shopping heaven!!
    And I'm sure you'll love it in Phuket as well, have fun:)

  2. I'm jealous, it looks amazing! Wonderful blog by the way, a great read :) xo


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