Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Styled by me tuesdays!

A little bit GG I think. Those are missoni thigh high legwarmers above btw.. I have trouble deciding on any one particular element, as you may have noticed, this time its the jacket. I prefer the one above and the grey one below, but the coloured ones are inspired by GG and also the splash of colout on Kirsten Dunst below (circa like 2003 or something..). Enjoy. xx

P.S 'Styled by me' segment is now becoming "styled by me tuesdays" :) that ties up monday and tuesday with my segments, and 5 free inspiration posts for the rest of the week :D


  1. i went through a coat phase last fall as well...couldn't decide on the colors and ended up getting a few...purple, red and orange. And i love having a bit of color when everything is a little cold and gloomy...

    ps: i gave you an award on my blog since i find your blog very enjoyable to read. So come check it out!

  2. i loveee turbans. that white turban is just beautiful. I'd wear it with a cropped leather bomber jacket, leggings and knee high platform boots and some dainty jewelry. and, if i had long legs those leg warmers would regularly be on my legs.


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